Live GNC Session

by Snacking

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Live session recorded by Alastair St.Hill at WMNF's Mike Eisenstadt Live Music Studio in Tampa, FL.


released February 25, 2015

We'd like to thank Alastair and the folks at GNC for taking the time to let us come in and record. Also thanks to Ashlee Hamory and Kata Gomeztagle-Johann for recording the video session, which you can check out here:

GNC is doing amazing things constantly so make sure you keep up with them!



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Snacking St. Petersburg, Florida

let's be friends.

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Track Name: It's a Spring Thing
These two story houses hold single story lives. Underneath wood planks and floorboards is where you like to hide. But I won't tell you all of these things that I never said but thought out. You'll settle for less, I'd rather forget. We both know we're not fit to live here. When collaboration turns into combat you'll wake up in your red sheets, but I've still got some black in mine. You're making this about you. You can't understand why we do the things we do. And you won't find the answers to these questions in the corners of your room.
Track Name: Crumby
I'm living life like a bat. I'm staying up all night studying teleportation so I can peel the stickers off your back window. But I'm losing track of time and you're losing track of everything you once had, and that includes your e-f-f-o-r-t. I didn't think I'd have to spell it out. It's not like you'd notice but I'm throwing up.
Track Name: Phone Etiquette
Overthrown and left away tonight, when you opened up my eyes to see that this wasn't everything you loved. Spent countless hours searching for what I never had, the price you pay for waiting. This bed will become a part of me as I drift into this hibernative state. It fits me so well. Hiding clues in your bedroom to keep me on my toes overnight. But these echoes keep running through me as I fall apart. Your healing powers make me weak, if only I had made it up. If you're driving down my street would you run over my feet. Would you let go of your purpose and understand you weren't about it, too un-poised to let go. Harboring thoughts of you to prey upon the weak, I'll see them again and again. Only in past tense can I reflect on this. Nothing changes if nothing changes.
Track Name: I Don't Want to Live on This Planet Anymore
Purple skies, hues of pinks and blues. The sun sets on the days we knew. Water glistens as the light reflects like oil paint mixed with broken glass. I can't take this. Our eyes and our hearts reflect who we are. To love these days is to forget what we once had, what we once shared.